A Dozen Cousins

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Our products are inspired by traditional Black and Latino recipes from throughout the Americas. For hundreds of years, African, Spanish and Indigenous peoples mixed and interacted - creating dozens of sub-cultures and leaving behind a thread that connects the food, art, and music of this region. We use wholesome, easy-to-recognize ingredients like beans, vegetables and nutrient dense avocado oil while avoiding GMO's and artificial flavors. We want to make sure that we are all around long enough to enjoy time with our grandkids, and we believe that starts with a diet that is heavy on real food and light on junk. WE'RE ON A MISSION to inspire families of all backgrounds to eat better food and live longer more vibrant lives. Unfortunately, there are many people that need a little extra help towards that goal. Americans living in under-served communities face real obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle. As a result, they are at far greater risk for obesity, diabetes and other diet-related illnesses. In order to help reverse this trend, we provide an annual grant and volunteer support to non-profit organizations that are working to eliminate socio-economic health disparities in the US.

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