Duett Interiors

A contemporary home decor product line. Growing up in new york city exposed me to a world of design, culture and art at such a young age. The melting pot of artistic styles and creativity set the foundation for who I am today. I have lived in incredibly diverse cities since then like miami, chicago and portland. My design style is shaped by my experiences - and specifically wabi-sabi aesthetics . There's something inherently beautiful about the places I've lived and traveled that allows me to be creative in my aesthetics and connect to people of all different backgrounds and personalities. My style is a merger of brutalism, wabi-sabi and a new defined minimalism. I believe that the emotions of the space should have depth yet feel worn in. Chasing perfection is not the ethos I mirror my style on. It’s imperfection that is beautiful and using materials and objects that have stood the test of time.

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