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Expedition Subsahara was founded as a celebration of Senegalese culture and craftsmanship through radical respect. For far too long, African art is often minimized to poverty porn rather than a true recognition of and regard for the artist’s remarkable talent. We are done with that! The team at Expedition Subsahara creates happy baskets for colorful people. Senegalese-born, St. Louis, Missouri-transplant, fiber artist, Creative Director, and Founder Sofi Seck uses her background in business and photography to design and create the stunning collections of Expedition Subsahara. Providing authentic, handmade Senegalese goods to the public is just the beginning. Twenty percent of every sale is earmarked for the building of a girls’ STEM school in Senegal, which will empower young women and give them the opportunity, confidence and education to choose their path in life.

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