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Hi, I'm Brianna, the Founder of Homegirl Esscentials. From 9-5 I work as a UX Designer in the FinTech industry, and every hour outside of that is committed to HGE and my YouTube Channel. Consider Homegirl Esscentials as your best friend; she's dedicated to providing relatable, intentional and eco-luxe fragrances, decor and bath + body products for your self care, and your home, girl. ♡ Quarantine has brought the best and worst out of us all. After 10 years, I got back into pottery as a way to disconnect from the computer screen. After a couple of months of dusting myself off and getting my bearings back, I am happy to share the mugs, bowls and planters that I've created with you all. ♡ As a Virgo woman, I'm inspired by intention, relatability and sustainability. All of our products are 100% recyclable ♻️ or compostable. Our home fragrances, and bath + body products are formulated with either 100% essential oils, or phthalate-free fragrance oils.

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