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TERRA-TORY is a clean skincare + wellness brand that hyper focuses on Sensitive + Eczema Prone Skin. Our intention is to create effective natural products, crafted from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use for all including children. We specialize in infusing skin nourishing superfoods; like Seamoss, Plantains + Aloe, to harness the power + simplicity of nature to nourish, cleanse, soothe and protect your skin. We promise to omit the over consumption of Coconut Oil, and other ingredients (not regulated by the FDA), that has been a rising trigger for skin issues to help reduce and manage allergies/irritations. Our mission is to improve the way “natural skincare” is made and represented in the beauty + wellness industry. Each product is handcrafted with sustainably sourced, all-natural ingredients (no derivatives and no preservatives) “100% Natural, 0% Bullsh*t”. By providing transparency behind the brand, we believe that healthier diets, environments and choosing cleaner ingredients contribute to healthy skin behavior. OUR SUSTAINABILITY PROMISE We maintain our Sustainability Promise by using zero waste & plastic free packaging materials. We use biodegradable plant-based Jute Twine that helps customers hang their soap in the shower and we DO NOT use Palm oil or Coconut Oil thus reducing our carbon footprint.

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